Scott McKenzie interview


Scott McKenzie interview.


Scott McKenzie left us on the afternoon of August 18th 2012. He came into this world on Jan 10, 1939. He sang like an angel. Had the heart of a saint, and left his mark on the hearts of so many who will love him forever. He is loved around the world,with his voice like an angel, his song San Francisco, became the theme of the 60's peace movement, and an anthem for San Francisco. He continued to inspire generations during his singing career with the Journeymen and then with the Mamas and The Papas after Papa John left. He loved the Kingston Trio. Their music, their spirit, their humor and was a great friend. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. He helped to put flowers in our hair and hope,love and peace, in our hearts. He brought a generation of flower children to San Francisco and now he is part of a beautiful lost generation of souls leaving this mortal planet. Recorded with Scott Mackenzie on October 14, 2011 in Capitol Studio A by the Kingston Trio Legacy Project.